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Reading and Phonics

Literacy is the ability for an individual to connect text and pictures with his/her experiences. Thus, literacy is the means by which we make meaning of the world around us. Literacy is more than the ability to read and write; it includes such skills, but it covers more than that. Nevertheless, in order for children to develop strong literacy skills in English, strong reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills are essential. During each school day at SBI, our students are given opportunities to refine their writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills as well as making meaningful connections between school and play/imagination. The students at SBI are encouraged to develop a love for books and reading.

A love for reading at a young age will most likely lead to academic success in the future. Students at SBI are exposed to different modes of text, including printed books and digital books. These modes of texts have been included in our curriculum to help our students become more engaged in reading.



Students are taught to use critical and logical thinking in their Mathematics classes. Lessons include counting, addition, subtraction, and problem solving.   



Students in the K-1 to K-3 levels are given opportunities to learn more about the world around them. The students first learn about themselves (the human body) and as the year progresses, they study a vast array of topics from the ecosystem to outer space. Students are given opportunities to engage in active thinking, experimenting, and learning through first-hand experiences.  

Physical Education


Students are encouraged to be physically active and healthy by exercising and developing stronger gross motor skills through sports and physical play.

Arts and


The students’ fine motor skills are enhanced as students learned to think and act creatively in classroom settings. Students are taught to cut, paste, draw, color, and create their own masterpieces.  

Nursery Class


Developing the fundamental gross motor skills are crucial for our youngest students. The students are engaged in activities that boost their motor skills and which provide them with the basics of English-language acquisition.

Social Studies


Students are taught to work in teams and learning to socialize with others. They are also invited to think critically about how their communities work and how they can become good citizens within their communities.   

Digital Literacy


Digital Literacy is the ability to learn, locate, and understand information from digital devices. Students need to demonstrate their ability to successfully understand and use technology properly and to achieve an end-goal. Our students engage in technology and build up digital literacy throughout the course using various digital tools and modes. 

Summer Class


SBI provides summer students with lessons in Physical Education, Math, and Phonics, with the addition of activities such as Arts and Crafts and Cooking. All subjects are taught in English by Native speakers.

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